CAD .NET如何转换CAD文件为位图格式

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CAD .NET是一款功能强大的CAD图形绘制、处理、导入和导出的.NET控件,支持多种CAD格式,可以通过代码或者可视化绘制CAD图形,并且可以导出绘制的CAD图形为多种其他文件格式,下面的代码讲述了如何将DWG文件格式转换为位图格式:
using CADImport; 
using CADImport.DWG; 
using CADImport.DXF; 
using CADImport.RasterImage; 
         private void CAD_to_BMP_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) 
             if ((OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog() != DialogResult.OK)) return; 
             //CADImage.CreateImageByExtension detects format by the extension specified in the argument. 
             //The correct class for any supported format will be used automatically. We recommend to 
             //create a new drawing object with CADImage.CreateImageByExtension if import from the existed 
             //file/stream is required. 
             CADImage vDrawing = CADImage.CreateImageByExtension(OpenFileDialog1.FileName);
             // The bitmap will have 1000 px width, height will be calulated automatically 
             Bitmap vBitmap = new Bitmap(1000, (int)(1000 * vDrawing.AbsHeight / vDrawing.AbsWidth)); 
             Graphics vGr = Graphics.FromImage(vBitmap); 
             RectangleF vRect = new RectangleF(0, 0, (float)1000, (float)(vBitmap.Width * vDrawing.AbsHeight / vDrawing.AbsWidth)); 
             vDrawing.Draw(vGr, vRect); 
             vBitmap.Save(OpenFileDialog1.FileName + ".bmp", System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Bmp); 
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