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FastReport.Net是一款功能齐全的报表解决方案,使用该产品开发人员可以快速创建出独立的报表应用程序,同样的该产品也可以用作单独的报表设计工具,支持报表自定义,多种数据库连接,可用于WinForm,Asp.NET、MVC。支持Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 -2013开发环境,在全球范围内被广泛使用,在国内也有大批客户使用,是不可多得的性价比极高的报表控件。
如果您不了解FastReport,希望获得包括FastReport.NET的介绍、价格、试用版下载,请直接点击:FastReport.NET,或者直接致电我们:023-6787 0900
控件中国网联合FastReport官方:很高兴宣布FastReport.NET平台上较新版本的发布。目前的最新版本为FastReport.NET2015.3,主要的变化包括:webreport消耗内存的优化以及在Windows Azure平台webreport支持等等。同时,也修复了FastReport.NET2015.3上的一些客户反映的BUG,具体升级报告如下:
- fixed bug with change of application working path on call of Report.Prepare
+ added ability to use FastReport.dll without FastReport.Bars.dll if the designer is not shown
* drop-down list width in relations editor now corresponds with items width
- fixed bug with incorrect display of Japanese characters in Ribbon bar
- fixed bug "Code tab loses focus to events window when typing"
- fixed bug with deleting page after "CTRL+C -> CTRL+V -> DEL -> CLICK" sequence
+ added support of Windows Azure working environment
+ added properties WebReport.InlineRegistration, WebReport.ShowAfterPrepare
+ added new property WebReport.Debug
+ added ability to save report from On-line Designer through POST query in call-back page (when WebReport.DesignerSavePath is blank)
+ added property WebReport.CloudEnvironmet for enable compatibility with Azure environment
+ added event WebReport.OnSaveDesignedReport for work with saved report after On-line Designer (field FastReport.Web.SaveDesignedReportEventArgs.Stream)
+ added methods for direct export in file from browser WebReport.ExportPdf(), WebReport.ExportOds(), etc.
* improved error reporting
* optimization of memory consumption
- fixed bug with script registration
- fixed bug with file name with spaces in export
- fixed issues with WebReport.RegisterData
- fixed bug with Parameters
- fixed bug with size when height is 100% in Online designer mode
- fixed bug with support of HTTPS on run the call-back page for save the report from On-line Designer
- fixed bug with preview the reports with dialogs from On-line Report Designer
- fixed bug with access to files on debug under Visual Studio with IIS server
- fixed bug with serialization under Web Garden or Web Farm mode
[On-line Report Designer]
+ added tooltip for text objects with content greater than the size
+ added context right mouse button menu on some objects
+ added property in configuration file 'default-tab-menu' for setting default menu tab
+ added properties in configuration file 'show-properties', 'show-events', 'show-rt', 'show-data' for enable or disable panels
+ added change the size of the row or column of the table with the mouse
+ added property in configuration file 'notifications', which change the type of notification ('default' or 'HTML5 Notifications'), or disable
+ added deleting of cell with Totals in context menu of MatrixObject
+ improved read Connections and DataSources from report
+ auto set of DataSource to the band on first drag-n-drop of database field
+ added context menu in Report Tree for objects and bands
+ added context menu for bands
+ added context menu for MatrixObject
+ added new styles for MatrixObject
+ added ability for open blank report without load of default template in WebReport
+ added editor of DataBand, GroupHeaderBand on double-click and 'Edit' in context menu
+ added 'Delete' in context menu of bands
+ added DatePicker for data selection in some fields in properties
+ added new tab "Report" in main menu with items Preview, Page, Save
+ added helper button in right corner with hot-keys information
+ added the popup window for edit the PictureObject
+ added ability in config-data file to enable of progress indicator for save the report (propetry show-saving-progress)
+ added showing of DataSource Relations
* if the column of DataSource has the neested columns (or neested DataSources), then they show in Data panel
* added context menu for components
* window with delete confirmation of object|band is no longer shown
* added colorpicker plugin for browsers (such as IE) without support of input type color
- fixed bug with filters in data-bands and with html tags in text objects
- fixed bug with invisible icons in on-line Designer
- fixed json syntax error in configuration file
- fixed bug with adding of GroupHeaderBand with DataBand and wrong position
- fixed bug with saving of padding in text objects
- fixed bug with save of Maps
- fixed bug with quotes in report script
- fixed bug with aliases for data sources in expressions
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